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Privacy policy


Privacy policy is integrated in the ‘terms of use’ and is essential in informing users on the collection, use, purpose, protection, and retraction of their personal information. Users are required to read and accept the privacy policies before using the site in every occasion. It is also important to keep reviewing the policies since they are periodically revised to adapt to any changes applied on the site use.

User information

The information collected lies in two forms that is Personally Identifiable Information which can be used to identify you personally or Non-personally identifiable information which is not inked to you directly. PII is most often required when signing up to use or view a website and these include name, date of birth, telephone number, business information and so forth. In occasions where there are payments to be done card information is also required as PII. On the other hand, Non-PII may include your search history, page visits, location, operating system, data usage, internet service provider, and such. PII can be collected and be anonymized for organisation internal use, and hence it is impossible to trace back to the user. The user is also able to keep or delete the information provided on the website, however once an account has been deleted on various sires, the organization will still keep copies of both PII and Non-PII subject to data protection policies. The company also allows request to permanently delete user information on special procedures.


The collected data is essential in various ways, especially in conducting analysis that enables improvement of service offered. In addition, the company can use the information to notify consumers of new products and services that they got interested in. The user, however, can unsubscribe from such communications from the company by notifying them on the same. The information can also be shared with the third parties whom the user has requested additional information concerning their products. This means the rights and authorization given to the company also applies to the third parties involved with the business.

Information protection

The company makes attempts to protect your information by use of an SSL certificate that enhances platform security. It is essential for every user to apply anti-virus, firewalls, and other precautions as the organisation cannot guarantee full protection of your data. The company applies both physical and electronic safeguard to protect your information. The company applies the age compliance guidelines that limit collection of information for the minors. In cases where the privacy policy has been amended, the date listed on the agreement is changed, and a notification is sent to allow users to review. Legal rights that are observed include and not limited to the right to be informed on the use and transparency of the user’s data, right to access the information at any time, right to rectify any information that may be held by the company inaccurately, right to erasure and restricting processing, right to data portability that is the transfer of data across different platforms, the right to object and the right to withdraw consent. The company allows control of user information so that one can request the permanent removal of personal information.

Information collection purpose

There are various legitimate purposes of user information collection. The information can be applied in contract administration meaning renewing of contracts, billing, and processing payments. It can also be used to train and develop employees as well as third parties to better the user experience. The information can also be used for direct marketing and used in notifying the user on new or improved products. The information is used to make navigation on the website much easier.

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