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Terms of Service


These are the legal agreements between a service provider and the person who wants to use the service. The user is required to read, agree, and abide by the terms of use to access the service. If one does not agree to the terms of use, they cease to use the platform or service offered. The terms of use are periodically reviewed, and the users notified of the changes.

User information

Users are required to sign up before accessing the platforms by providing information which is collected and protected in accordance to the privacy policy. The information must be truthful and accurate, and the user should be above 18 years old. The company reserves the right to verify the information provided and reject user credentials. Users are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their credentials for all the activities carried out under their account. By signing in and providing this information, the user is granted permission to use the platform but there is no ownership interest acquired of the platform. In cases where there is a breach on the set guidelines, the company holds the rights to revoke access to the platform at their discretion.

Company services

Agreement to the terms of service does not guarantee the services offered on the platform and are offered as-is. An increase in search engine ranking, increase in business or other associated benefits are neither guaranteed nor implied. The user should understand that the company neither does it have control over policies to search engines in respect to the content that they accept nor control over the actions of search engines. The user agrees to the fact that information provided on the platform could be inaccurate or even incorrect, and the company is free from liability it may incur while providing the service.

User guidelines

The user is obligated to provide all the information required to process the services offered on the platform. Failure to comply or cooperate will prevent the completion of services offered and refunds withheld based on the refunds policy. The user should not tamper with the platform security or decipher any transmissions from the servers running the platform. They are also not allowed to build or create similar and competitive products or use the platform to store or transmit sensitive information. The user should not share their licence or impersonate someone else on the platform. The user agrees to not in any way harm, destroy or remove any portion of the platform from the search engine. Instances where any of these and more guidelines are broken access may be terminated or suspended. There is continuous effort applied to keep the service available. However, the company does not guarantee that the platform or the service will always be available. It also has the right to terminate or suspend the service usage in special cases like a breach of contract. The company reserves the right to alter, modify, update, or remove the service at any time especially for security, legal or intellectual property reasons.

Privacy policy

Privacy policy communicates the type of information collected from the user, the usage, protection, and procedure of erasure. It outlines that the company has the right to retain and transfer user information to third parties for reasons underlying access and enhancing user experience. The user remains in full control of their information and can request full erasure. Upon submitting content on the platform, the user grants the company, partners, affiliates, and third parties the rights to display, distribute, transfer, use and reuse all or part of the content provided. By accepting the terms of service, the user also grants the company the right to enhance, recommend, and correct any feedback received.

Payments and subscriptions

In cases where there are payments or charges applied, the user agrees to disclose all the information required to process the payment as well as incur the costs, taxes, and fees listed by the company. The third parties involved in processing online payments have the rights to collect information authorized to the service provider. All the information provided must be accurate and truthful, and the payments paid in full. Failure to this the company has the right to suspend or terminate the services provided. Subscriptions are applicable where the user chooses to pay for the subscription, and their information is collected and logged, and the payment is charged monthly. The user is also in control of the paid subscriptions and can cancel by notifying the provider. An increase on prices is communicated to the users. If a user rejects the price increase, the company can limit the access of the service on their discretion.


In cases where the user believes their content has been infringed, a notification should be made to the company stating the user identity, description of the content that is being infringed, the platform, and assurance that the information relayed is accurate. On the other hand, if the user receives notification that their content has been taken down, one can respond by sending a counter notice with their name, notification reference, location, and a statement od consent showing acceptance to service of process. Please note the company is in a position not to respond to a counter notice.

Amendments and termination

The user remains always in control to terminate the contract by sending a notification as a request to the company where access to the service is terminated immediately. Refunds are subject to refunds policy under the agreement. The company can also initiate the termination majorly on three basis where a user has violated the applicable laws of the agreement, the user has violated the terms of use agreement and if the company believes the user’s actions may negatively affect their business. For any amendments, the dates are indicated on the agreement, and a notification sent to the user. All the communication done is electronically from contracting to agreeing that all the notices, agreements, disclosures, and updates meet and satisfy any legal requirements and that such would satisfy if they were on writing.

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